Coronavirus Support

Need emotional support in this challenging time? 

SANE is proud to provide guidance and support in the time of Coronavirus. We are are here to help. 

For a printable list of below practitioners plus additional ones, click here

Our support is FREE OF CHARGE. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

If this is an emergency, call Chai Lifeline Project Chai's 24 Hour Crisis Helpline: 855-3-crisis (855) 327-4747 or email

Whoever is suffering from Pre or PostPartum issues you can call the Sparks phone help line for assistance: (718) 277-2757 Press 3

PLEASE NOTE: S.A.N.E. is presenting this list as a community service and makes no representations or warranties of service. The practitioner’s names and information are being provided without recommendation, supervision, or controls. Please engage directly and responsibly to find the correct fit for you and your particular issues.

Reuven Wolf.jpg

Rabbi Reuven Wolf

Director and Rabbi of Maayon Yisroel Chassidic Center in Los Angeles. He is a renowned worldwide speaker on Chassidus and mysticism and has had a profound impact on  thousands of people. 

+1 (323) 498-8700


Zalmen Tevel

Experience: guiding people based on CBTT principles.

Available during next three weeks, sun-thu. Bet. 1pm
To 5pm est.

Afterwards on sundays between 1-2 pm.

Please send watsapp first to set time .


Dr. Binyomin Delfiner.jpg

Dr. Binyomin Delfiner

Doctor of Chiropractic
Available: Monday-Friday-11-6 by phone/WhatsApp/
Specializing in all areas of natural health care and bio frequency patches for stress and many other health issues.


Helana Herman

Life and relationship coach for over 12 years.

Trained at Coach University, certified Imago relationship educator, and shlucha for 30 years.

Phone: 919-637-6833

Email: ​

● I coach women with deep compassion, supporting my clients to find joy, self acceptance, and balance.

● For couples, I teach practical tools to gain closeness and compassion by improving communication. Couples will learn how to take conflict and turn it into connection.

● I am also currently training for a somatic certification that teaches people how to lower stress and anxiety through self-regulation techniques.

I have availability on Thursdays between 1:30-3:30 pm EST; other days/times available upon request. 

Best way to reach me is through text or WhatsApp.


Frumma Rosenberg- Gottlieb 

ICF certified coach

Available Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 and Sunday nights 7:30 to 10 EST

ICF certified coach specializing in stress reduction, positive self image, personal motivation, healing relationships, and families of addiction. 22 years of shlichus.  40 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness at the Rebbe’s request.

Miriam Karp

Miriam Karp

MA, Hospital Chaplain and Mentor


7-9 EST Sun- Thurs

Supportive listening and processing, working through spiritual struggle and anxiety, holding empathetic sacred space

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Nechama Laber.jpg
Nechama Laber.jpg

Nechama Laber

Dregree: Education. Marriage and Life Coach.
Phone number:  518.727.9581
Available: after Pesach
Mondays 2-4 PM ET

She specializes in teens and women. Grief support, Emunah, leadership and soul empowerment.

Nechama Laber has been a passionate Jewish educator for girls and women for over twenty-five years. Nechama is the mother of 11 children KH. Nechama published a memoir, Finding Song in Sorrow, in August 2019.  As the founder of the Jewish Girls Retreat and the  global director of Jewish Girls Unite, the online community for girls, Nechama teaches girls tools to overcome challenges and empowers them to become  leaders. Nechama is also a certified marriage coach and is soon completing her training as a certified life coach.


Zahava Farbman, MSW 

PhD Candidate  

-Co Director Project Chai 

Chai Lifelines Crisis Intervention, 

Trauma and Bereavement Dept 

-Mental Health Responder  

Hatzola Five Towns and  

Far Rockaway  

- Presenter of Soul Sisters 




Reminder the hot line life for 


chai life line  



(855) 337-4747 

Nechama Dimensions Therapy.jpg

Nechama Rubinov

Dimensions Therapy. balance of body mind and soul through muscle testing. With subconscious mind.

SANE volunteer for years

Hours 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday





Vice President

SANE Volunteeer for 25 years
Food and clothes distribution

Gives emotional support for women
Phone number
516 782-3806
Monday’s 10:30-11:30 Eastern Time

Yosef Weber.jpg

Yosef Weber

Dregree: electrical engineering

Experience: Consciousness, spiritual therapy, meditation training with Rabbi Doniel Katz 

number: 5613108529


 Available: Every day noon-6 EST

text,whatsapp, email messages or voicenotes any time is fine.Or list social/anxiety/fear/concern/stress/marriage/emotional support/releasing emotional blockages/healing.  More experienced with millennials but can get along with anyone.

Renata Raizel Magurdumov
Renata Raizel Magurdumov

Renata Raizel Magurdumov

Transformation Coach

Phone: 917-647-1762 

Text or WhatsApp to schedule a session

Flexible Hours

I provide intuitive support and guidance for women through Hashem's loving presence.

By using breathing, meditation and energy healing the client is able to go beyond emotional pain, limiting beliefs, and traumas.

My biggest passion is helping women reveal their light and step into their power. 

I am safe, compassionate and always growing in my Emunah and Bitachon.


Elkin, Abbie PhD


Phone: 917-701-6339


Mondays @10am

Teaneck, NJ; Upper West Side, NYC

Psychologist, 17 years practice w/ adults and teens.  Helps with anxiety, depression, grief, adjusting to life changes, and relationship issues.


Cunin, Rivkah MA

323-289-6089 (WhatsApp)

Tues/ Wed between 6-9 pm PST,

Sun 10 am until 12 noon


Marriage Family Therapist, Professional Clinical Counselor (MFT, PCC)

Licensed Intern in CA


Shuli Kleinbahn

Emunah Coach

Apply Torah  concepts that bring us to real inner peace.



10 am  to 7 pm  Eastern time

Miriam Yerushalmi.jpg

Miriam Yerushalmi

Founder and President of SANE
Counselor, Speaker and Author,

Holds a double MS in Psychology and Marriage and Family Counseling. Trained at Pepperdine University (graduation 1990).

Miriam founded SANE a non profit organization and volunteers many hours providing a resource for the neediest to access appropriate Mental Health care.

Miriam is uniquely skilled at combining behavioral and humanistic approaches to address a wide spectrum of psychopathology.  From panic disorders to addiction to depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety, anger management and ADHD, Miriam imparts self regulation techniques where clients learn to develop tools for a balanced and fulfilled life.

Miriam Yerushalmi fuses essential Torah principles with her background in Mental Health to empower individuals to release their inner healing potential while aligning with life’s purpose on essential life issues, ranging from relationships and parenting to self improvement.
Miriam has presented workshops at the annual Nefesh conference for therapists. Since 2014 she began working for SPARKS as a counselor, in addition giving teleconferences and webinars on the topics of mental health, she writes article for, Jewish Press, Table for Five in the Jewish Journal. Nashim, Magazine and True Balance.

Miriam has authored four adult books a  “Reaching New Heights” self-help series, with endorsements from Dr. Avraham Twersky, Rabbi Shlomo Majeski and Rabbi Chaim Miller. She has also produced 12 children books translated into Yiddish and Hebrew

Miriam is a sought after speaker who lectures internationally and has over 700 audio classes available. Her classes can be found on TorahAnytime, her own Youtube channel, and TorahCafe.

Miriam has presented workshops at the annual Nefesh conference for therapists. Since 2014 she began working for SPARKS as a counselor, in addition giving teleconferences and webinars on the topics of mental health, she writes article for, Jewish Press, Table for Five in the Jewish Journal. Nashim, Magazine and True Balance.

Miriam has authored four adult books a  “Reaching New Heights” self-help series, with endorsements from Dr. Avraham Twersky, Rabbi Shlomo Majeski and Rabbi Chaim Miller. She has also produced 12 children books translated into Yiddish and Hebrew

If you can’t reach anyone from the above list send her an email she will get you an appointment ASAP.

Tammy Gilden.jpg

Gilden, Tammy

Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) 

And a Certified Consulting Meditation CCHt 

I specialize in helping people feel better. Change negative habitual thought patterns to positive thought patterns. 

Lift sadness, rid people of anxiety.  Help people change negative habits to positive ones.  Especially, our thought patterns. What we say to ourselves IS the reality we make within ourselves 

Transcending our attitude to our common circumstances by self awareness and supporting our own greatness, 


Toronto, Canada

Sun, Tues, Fri. Mornings 10-12


Sarah Karmeli.jpg

Sarah Karmely

My name is sarah karmely.
The Rebbe gave me a brocha to help women and girls, and with his kochos I have been doing this for 39 years.
I'm available every Wednesday from 8 -10 pm, 9177701664.  Text first.  Email
Hashem is testing our emunah, and we have to be strong these last moments before the Geula shleima

Rabbi Kravitsky.jpg

Rabbi Kravitsky

Relevant Experience

Rabbi Osher Kravitsky is the assistant Rabbi and Director of Continuing Education for Chabad of Great Neck.

He is also the past Director of the Great Neck Chapter of Friendship Circle, an organization that provides support and programming for children with special needs and their families.  

He has over 20 years of experience providing couples and personal counseling to members of various communities.

Runs the Smile on Seniors intergenerational social program aimed at uplifting senior citizens in our community

Served as a volunteer prison chaplain in Ohio for the Cuyahoga County prison system where he counseled and rehabilitated inmates.

Relevant Degrees

Rabbinic ordination from the Chabad Rabbinic Court of Israel.

Life Coaching degree from the Victor Frankl Life Coaching Program.

Certified in continuing education instructor for JLI

Rochel Leah Ismaili.jpg

Rachel Leah Ismaili

MOT/spiritual mentor and Somatic/Emotional Regulation and healing OT consultant and COACH.
❤️NOW offering affordable and pro-bono heart centered emunah based COMPASSIONATE OT COACHING and CONSULTATION services for teens and women via phone, face time and ZOOM conferencing. Evening, Daytime and Sunday hours are available.
Rachel Leah’s services include:
❤️relaxation and stress relief with personalized soulful and soothing guided meditations, essential life giving  breathwork and highly effective  SOMATIC EXPERIENCING grounding techniques.
❤️supportive and attuned active listening.
❤️helping clients step more fully into awareness finding MEANING and connection.
❤️Transforming pain and darkness into light.
❤️Catalyze healing blessings via powerful mantras.
❤️Feel Hashem’s LOVING presence.

🦋Coaching Sessions are a division of MAYYIM OT LLC
Rachel Leah Ismaili Masters of Occupational Therapy specializing in somatic healing/anxiety relief and nervous system/emotional regulation and trauma release. OT is the IDEAL profession for helping clients boost their vital energy and immune system via the mind/body connection.
•Certified Myofascial Release Practioner
•Life Coach for the Possible YOU Seminar

Call to set up an appointment!

Gedale Fenster.jpg

Gedale Fenster

World Renowned Motivational speaker Project Light House     Evolutions Treatment Center  Helps those with multiple levels of rehabilitation care for alcohol, drug, and mental health difficulties. Our primary addiction treatment program revolves around a 30-day stay at our luxury addiction treatment center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Meira Margit Bane.jpg

Bane, Meira Margit

California Licensed Clinical Social Worker #15820


Your Jewish Neshama is powerful!


HaShem and you- - with love from the Klal-- can create a Healing Haven perfectly compatible with who YOU are!


30+ years experience in medical and palliative social work


I offer a skilled, gentle, listening ear for... 


-- affirming your inner strengths and resources for coping with crisis;


-- supporting you in recognizing the spiritual treasures and opportunities that may be waiting for you in your situation


Women only please,  must be located in California at during the sessions.


Available mornings Tue and Wed at 6:30am PST, and evenings Tues, Wed and Thursday 5:30pm PST. Can be flexible as needed.


Please email me at...


Katz, Hanna

Registered Yoga Psychology Teacher, BA, Psych and Bio. 10 years’ experience. Life and Meditation coach integrative with yoga, Doula. Helping people connect to their breath, body, and spirit though yoga that is safe for the Jewish soul.

Atlanta, GA



WhatsApp or email



Lightwaves brings light and oneness into our lives by connecting to our Divine essence. 


We are a community of evolving women. We are here to hold loving space for you as you take steps in your holy, healing journey. We invite you to gain awareness as you access more of your Higher Selves.

Here, you will experience harmony, flow, depth and knowledge. We are always sharing one heart as we hold each other’s hands through this miraculous ride. 

Let us embrace the full spectrum of our beings as we walk together towards geula. 

We’re now offering Weekly zoom group support calls, where we hold space for each other’s pain and emotions, celebrate successes, enjoy meditation and tefilah, learn inspirational concepts of geula, and apply practical steps to keep growing during this extraordinary time. 

Email to be notified of upcoming support groups.

Rabbi Mordche Arye Friedman

 -I will help you bring your feelings to the surface by validating and holding space for you

- Turning pain into growth

-I see men and women 


 Speaks Hebrew-yiddish and basic English 

Pls email

Andrea Lewis Levine.jpg

Andrea Lewis Levine

BS in special education

second year of Masters program in counseling

Phone number: (912) 272-7964 ET


Available: Flexible, everyday all day

Best way to reach: Text, what’s app, voicemail or email 

Social emotional support for you and your children! I am known as the kid whisperer and am helping many children deal with their feelings!

United States


Penina Gruber

Majored in Psychology, 

Conduct Health Research,

Certified in Fitness and Nutrition.

Inspirational Professional Writer. 

Phone Number. (773) 726-4738 CST/EST

Available: Sunday through Thursday 5pm until 10pm

Best way to reach me send me a message on whatsapp or text You can also leave a voicemail for me to call you back.


I am available to offer inspiration, chizuk, comfort, social support,  I'm a loving caring good listener and I will try my best to share inspiration with you and be there for you. 

Also I can give you some tips on fitness and nutrition if you want. I'm currently in the process of publishing a book on inspirational topics. I can share some of my writing with you. It has helped alot of people.


Hanna Katz

Registered Yoga Psychology Teacher with 10 years experience, BA in Psych and Bio. Life and Meditation coach integrative with yoga, Doula


Available: evening most days, WhatsApp or email


I help people connect to their breath, body, and spirit though yoga that is safe for the Jewish soul.

Ruddell, Batya.jpg

Ruddell, Batya

Certified Narrative Therapist and Life Coach. Specialized with teenage girls, struggling youth, and parents of children at risk.

Based in Israel

Afternoons or evenings (Israel time)

WhatsApp: 0972 545667263 email:

Rachel Rosendorff.jpg

Rachel Rosendorff

License: Psych-K facilitator, energy therapy practitioner, massage therapist. 

Specialty: Trauma/blocked emotion release, subconscious reprogramming, human design readings.

7-9pm USA time

Phone: 443-824-2452 WhatsApp best 


Rabbi Ari Poliakoff, LCSW



Please text to arrange a time to talk by phone or video


I will be starting a virtual support group for individuals who are isolated or experiencing anxiety during this crisis, as well as a group for those grieving losses from the pandemic.  Please text me for more information.

I am also available for private  virtual meetings during this difficult time to provide you with support and help you deal with challenges. I have experience with many areas of mental and emotional health including anxiety, depression, trauma, family conflict, and regular everyday issues. I work with all ages.


Rice, Devorah

Degrees: BA Sociology 

MS: general & special education 


Phone # (646) 624 7443 

Availability: M-F & Sun

4pm-8pm EST


Preferred method of contact:

Text , what’s app, or phone call but please message prior to call RE who & what is message is concerning 


Spiritual coach 

Empowering and giving people chizuk with strengthening tools

Such as prayer, hisbodedoot; building and maintaining our relationship with Hashem; increasing trust and faith in Hashem and applying it to daily life. Based on the teachings lectures and books of Miriam Yerushalmi.

Malka Levine (Schwartz).jpg

Malka Levine (Schwartz)

International Intuitive Distance Healer and Transformational Life Coach


I help clients enjoy better relationships, live healthier lives, and accomplish the goals they set for themselves by sensing where there is emotional baggage and other imbalances and then releasing it for them, primarily using The Body Code system by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In the past, I have helped clients referred to me by SANE with having better relationships, fewer OCD symptoms, PTSD, sleep disturbances, strengthening immune systems and microbiome for speedy recovery from Corona, gut issues and back pain. I can treat children and adolescents under the age of 18 with permission from their parent and without any need for me to speak with the child. 


For this current SANE effort I am volunteering my services specifically to assist teenagers under the age of 18 who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, smoking non-prescribed marijuana, taking recreational drugs or drinking alcohol excessively. I live in Jerusalem, Israel. Please make initial contact by email:

Eli E.jpg

Eli Erenthal  


Degree: ICF certified life coach  

Phone number: 7324474193

Available: Mon-Thur 6-7pm


Whatsapp first to schedule 




Yudkovich, Luba

Holistic Life Coach. Helping people evolve and gain awareness into their inner world while living successfully in balance with the outer world; empowering and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves.

Monday-Thursday 12-4, can be flexible

Phone: 917-626-6258


Jacobs, Deborah

Dregree: MSW 

Experienced with Individual, Marriage and Family Psychotherapy 

Interested in Mindfulness informed therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy interventions


For Women and Men - *confidential email 


Available: Monday and Wednesday 11am -1pm

Grodko, Tzipora LMSW

Licensed life coach. Additional professional background in addiction.

Positive psychology focused to overcome a myriad of challenges. 

East Coast

Mon-Friday flexible availability from 1-5


Yeamans, Risa 

​PsyD in School-clinical child psychology from Ferkauf (YU) completed post-doc training at Pride of Judea, a community mental health clinic in Douglaston. Not yet licensed.

Extensive experience in school and clinical settings, working with children and adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and typical life stressors.

I work with women/men as well as children/adolescents. 

East Coast

​Monday - Thursday evenings after 8:30


Carole Lerman.jpg

Dr Carole Lerman




Volunteer for SANE for over 25

Studied CBTT with Miriam Yerushalmi 

Available on request  most afternoons 

Eastern time zone


Cell: 516 729 3830


Lea Mohadeb

MSW student

Background in psychology and Human Services.

Flexible hours

Ita T.jpg

Ita Teigman

917-795-0579 (from USA)

054-352-2623 (in Israel)

I live in Israel, BH



Available: Flexible - everyday 

Contact by: Text, WhatsApp, or email 

Functional health coach, doula, kallah teacher, masters in education/special ed, EMETT & Elevation meditation facilitator.


I’m available to BEH offer emotional support & empowerment tools for you and your children!

Rosenberg-Gottlieb, Frumma

ICF certified coach specializing in stress reduction, positive self-image, personal motivation, healing relationships, and families of addiction. 22 years of shlichus; 40 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness at the Rebbe’s request.


Tuesday and Thursday from 1 - 3 and Sunday nights 7:30-10pm

+1 (305) 308-8396


Dubby Rosner 

Degree: MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

Phone number: 732-864-5812

Availability: Wednesday Evenings 7-10 PM, Eastern Time 

Best time to reach: All day, every day, Watsapp/call/text


Tzirel Liba Mitzmann

Tzirel Liba is a singer and composer who has written over 100 songs on the full gamut of Jewish Life.


She is the founder of ‘The Shabbos Queen Project’ a daily 3 minute message of Chizuk for women on upgrading all aspects of our Shabbos.


Combining her two passions The Shabbos Queen Project is now a musical shiur for women and girls creating a heightened awareness and passion for bringing Shabbos preparations into every day with joy!


Tzirel Liba is also a speech & language therapist working with young children and their families for many years. She brings music and emunah tools into her work as well.



Tzirel Liba can be reached at

Chana Gittle Deray.jpg

​Deray, Chana Gittle

Facilitator for PAWW women in transition, Teacher and Mentor for women looking to find joy in motherhood, Author of Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love,  Distinguished Toastmaster and Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach in training.❤ Mother of 9, B"H.



Available: EST daytime by appointment.  

Best time to reach: Text or what’s app your name and best time to reach you.

Women only


Cornman, Caroline


Masters Degrees 



I would be honored to help you and your family through this turmoil of Corona Virus crisis in my professional capacity. I am non judgmental, genuine and soft spoken. We all are suffering in some form or another from this virus and together we will get through this pandemic as best humanly possible. 


I see women, men and teens.

EST Flexible


Chaya Strasberg.jpg

Chaya Strasberg

SRT (a branch Somatic experiencing), Theta healing and torah therapeutic healing.


I specialize in helping women connect with their bodies and notice their experiences so they can feel empowered to greater success and fulfillment.


EST daytime and evening-by appointment.


Call, text or what's app for more information.


Nina Litvak.jpg

Nina Litvak

Accidental Talmudist 

“Experienced volunteer”

Was trained to be “buddy” at nursing homes, helping sick etc.

Will begin after Passover and will post hours available

+1 (310) 713-8236

Raizy Nagel.jpg

Raizy Nagel

Degree: LMSW.

Phone number: 845-222-6668.


Available: Tuesdays, preferably evening, I am available until late/12 am.


Time zone: Eastern. Best to reach via text. (I don't have what's app)


Tuesday: 8:30 pm - 12 am

Aaron Bortz

Degree: MSW Social Work graduating May 2020, BA in Psychology.


Experience in: Addiction, Substance use, Mindfulness practice, CBT, Strengths Based Perspective, and PsychoDynamic Psychology.


Chai Lifeline Volunteer since 2009.


Available Monday-Friday 4-6 PM EST for telehealth sessions during this crisis.


Send text to 516-426-5661 to schedule.

Yehudis Karbal.jpg

Yehudis Karbal

coming soon

Miriam Baver.jpg

Baver, Miriam

Coach and Energy Healer specializing in faith based solutions

I am certified in both fields and work with people all over the world to manage and resolve many physical and emotional conditions including depression, anxiety, PANDAS, low platelets, pain, Bells Palsy and much more.  Rabbinic references available. 

I work with women and men.

Tuesdays 8-10 pm CT 


+1 (312) 203-7617

Can be reached from Israel at 03.374.9062


Calling or texting is the best way to reach me.

While I live in Chicago, I work with clients all around the world!

Tamar Efrat.jpg

Tamar Efrat,

Degrees: M.A. Clinical Psychology, EdD College Teaching, Limited Permit LP Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


Monday 2-3

Thursday 10:30-12:30

(917) 439-8373

Brachie Ezagui.jpg

Ezagui, Brachie

Certified emotional coach,

Addiction counselor, 

Consultant in personal imagery.


Worked for over 20 years with those struggling with: 


-Poor self image  

-Self acceptance

-Distorted beliefs 

I'm a GD centered guiding hand, to help others achieve a healthy best version of self. With awareness and empowerment of what they can change in their lives and acceptance and letting go of what they can not. With a (higher power ) Hashem at the forefront of that .


Available by appt @ 9177555543 Monday and  Wednesday 11-2  Pacific time 



Text or Whatsapp first


Smith, Rachel 

Finishing MSW ​(beh) in May; offeringsocial support/therapy 

USA but live in Israel 

mondays, tuesday, wednesdays 12-2 and all evenings 8-10


​whatsapp 647-771-5546 or email  

Perl, Leah.jpg

Leah Perl

​Teacher, Mentor, Children Storyteller  

Storytelling in a Calm and Soothing Tone For Children via Whatsapp video, Zoom or Phone 

Breathing and Relaxing Excersices for Women and Children via Phone 

Pacific Time 

Monday thru Thursday  5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

323 708 5122  

Whatsapp video, Zoom or Phone 


Gold, Cindy 

​Certified health coach with Optavia, helping people to a healthier lifestyle through their body, mind, and soul, using tools such as portion control, smarter food choices, meditation, positive thinking, self-control. 

East Coast

​Mondays and Wednesday from 4-6 pm 

(516) 467-4262


Martin, Sigalit  

Acupuncture Physician, Diplomat of Oriental Medicine 

Psycho-Physical Massage Therapy 

Craniosacral Therapy 

Narrative Therapy 

Mentor of Rav Doniel Katz 

+972 53-523-6103

Julie Weisman

MSW,LCSW with nutrition background.


Supportive, strength based compassion with an emphasis on inner beauty and Hashem’s gifts.


Please WhatsApp (201)424-3430
Current availability: Mondays: 7pm-9pm

Shuli Kleinman

Emunah Coach


Apply Torah  concepts that bring us to real inner peace.

10 am  to 7 pm  Eastern time

Sofya Tamarkin

Sofya Tamarkin

I am a life coach with certification in anxiety management.

Please see my bio and articles at

Motivational speaker

Writer on

Spiritual Coach

For appointment please email Sofya at

Henya Storch

Henya Storch

RN MSN, A holistic nurse, available for healthcare, community and work-related consultation for talented adults in the arts. Specializing in helping authors, lecturers, and performing artists reach their dreams.

Janet Waller

Janet Waller

I'm available to listen with an open heart, help you focus on the positive and enhance relationships, and guide you in taking practical steps to navigate through this challenging time. 
Advanced Trainer and Coach in the Nurtured Heart Approach 
Retired elementary school teacher with years of experience working with children and families
Trained by Rabbi Nivin to offer coaching in Life Challenges

Monday through Wednesday 5-6 pm EST
Wednesday 1-2 pm EST

(914) 830-2463

Seema Selmar

Seema Selmar

I am a mediator (civil and domestic), marriage coach and support group facilitator with Working It Out, LLC.

Sunday 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Monday & Tuesday 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Wednesday 9:30 - 11:30 pmThursday 3:30 - 5:30 pm

(248) 702-5611  

For other times I can be reached by phone, text and WhatsApp


Shayna Shifrin

LSW, Relationship Coach

Gentle, strategic coaching for women, couples, and families in the areas of intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

(908) 783-0260

I can be reached via text or voicemail EST

Chaya Miriam Weisman

Chaya Miriam Weisman

Pursuing a degree in Psychology
I am available to listen and talk. I had COVID and was incredibly sick, so I understand how frightening it is.

Available Sundays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST

(347) 809 4168 (phone)

Sharleen Ijadi.jpg

Sharleen Ijadi, hwc 

Degree: Certified Health & wellness coach

Nutrition & Dietetics BS

Counseling phone number: (516)341-2202

Available: Monday & Wed 2-4pm

Passionate about helping people make positive changes in all areas of their physical & emotional health.


Schwartz, Sara

​Friend and marriage coach (in training). 

Experienced in mental health support; teacher of mindfulness and meditation at the Rebbes request.  



Pacific time 

Sun-Thurs. 7-9pm 

whatsApp cell  617-529-9837 


Liebermann, Devorah Hadassah  

​MA degree in speech therapy; BA degree in psychology; being trained privately by a trauma therapist and Doniel Katz 

Offering support and emunah  



​twice a week between 2-4 pm 

+972 58-687-7124 


Gaerman, Ruth

MSed/TSHH (spec. Ed/Speech therapy); life experience, a good listening ear, and helpful “Hashkofos”...


daily... 10:00-2:00 



​Monoker, ​Chanie 

​Developmental Audiologist and educational blogger (  

If you are stressing out or overwhelmed with all this "quality time" with your children, consider me your new best friend.  

I help parents of either gender.


Phone: 732-272-8509 

WhatsApp: 732-800-2623 


​Roubeni, Chana 

​MA Psychology and MSW; CBT and DBT informed; Emphasis in Positive Psychology; Offering ​Social and Emunah Support. 

EDT, ​Flexible, everyday 

​(516) 423-6734 

​Text, WhatsApp, voicemail or email: 


Finkler, Malka Bracha (Merrel)

Speech-Language Therapist and Teacher. Will learn Emunah / Bitachon, Torah / Parsha / Tanya or soul strengthening topic of choice;  

supportive listener; help 

develop healthy habits and organizational skills; offering interactive storytelling, sharing, and language-based movement activities; structure fun and productive “break times”, activities for children independently and as family interaction. Offering online interactive, instructional resources and games, tutoring; Research and referrals to resources such as financial assistance 


Monday, Wed 2-3  

Tues 8:30 -10 



H Ph - 718-380-0845 

Zoom or Skype 


Stern, Malka 

​Somatic Regulation Trainee Chedva breathing  


​Tuesday and Friday 2 to 2:45; 


​646 861 9670  


Schwartz, Sharon

Social support  




+1 (310) 415-4104 

+1 (647) 785-5108 

(919) 637-6833 


Liebermann, Yochanon Betzalel

He now supports many to work through blocks, fears, triggers and to be released from their past in order to go forward bravely in the face of this pandemic.

Trained privately by a trauma therapist and Daniel Katz; provides support to work through blocks, fears, triggers, and to release the past in order to go forward bravely in the face of this pandemic. 




One hour twice a week 

+972 58-687-7123